Office 365 ProPlus install toolkit

The Office 365 ProPlus Install toolkit is your secret weapon for deploying Office 2016. Read on to discover how this new toolkit can fast-track your Office 365 ProPlus rollout.


Office 365 ProPlus Click-To-Run

It’s taken a while for IT Pros to get used to Click-To-Run for Office 365 ProPlus deployments. To help, Microsoft released some Deployment scripts for Office 2016 that can streamline the process using PowerShell.

​Alongside this the ‘Office 365 ProPlus Configuration XML Editor’ was released. This easy to use online tool can create Click-to-Run configuration.xml files graphically. A lot easier than sticking with notepad!

Microsoft have taken this one step further and released a program you can install on your PC, to create and package Office 365 ProPlus deployments.  Introducing the Office 365 ProPlus Toolkit.

​What is the Office 365 ProPlus install toolkit?

With the toolkit you can generate an MSI (or exe) installer file.  This is an installation wrapper that packages everything in a single file. 

This allows you to deploy Office 365 ProPlus with conventional methods like Configuration Manager, all from a single file.  This installer file will come preset with the configuration options that you selected.

​Here are some of the features Office 365 ProPlus Toolkit

  • ​Create an Office 365 ProPlus installer
  • Import an existing deployment (configuration.xml or installer created in the tool)
  • Manage 32-bit or 64-bit editions and updates
  • Generate a MSI or Executable installer
  • Optionally embed the Office installation files, so that the installer will work offline
  • Modify an existing installation installed locally

Getting started with the Office 365 ProPlus install toolkit

You can download the program from the 'Office 365 ProPlus Configuration XML Editor', in the Tools and Install Toolkit section.

The installation is straightforward, adding a 'Microsoft Office ProPlus Install Toolkit' to your start menu.

The toolkit is split into 5 main sections:

  • Start - Select a deployment action - create new, import or mange the local Office 365 ProPlus installation
  • Products - Select products and edition, languages, exclude applications and some other options  
  • Download - Download specific editions and versions
  • Updates - Control updates including channel and path or turn off updates entirely
  • Options - Configure additional options
  • Generate - Select installation wrapper type (MSI or executable) and related options

Office 365 ProPlus install toolkit tour

Here you should be able to see the different sections of the toolkit.  Most configuration options have an information button, where you can get further information.

Office 365 ProPlus Install Toolkit Walkthrough 

​To use the toolkit would go something like this

Step 1

 Select Create new Office 365 ProPlus installer and click start.

Step 2

​Configure the product, edition and channel

Step 3

Optionally download the setup files, this means we can create a self-contained installer

Step 4

Lets turn on updates in this example

Step 5

Here we override some default options

Step 6

Now we are almost ready to generate an installer file.  I have chosen an MSI installer and the file path where the installer is created.  I have selected to embed the installation files from step 3.

Step 7

After clicking Generate, the installer will be created, it may take a while if embedding the Office installation files.  Once completed a message will be shown:

Here is the outcome of all this work, an Office 365 ProPlus installer:

Office 365 ProPlus Toolkit

The idea is then you can take the installer and deploy it using your usual desktop management solution.  Your millage may vary but that's how it's supposed to work.

An easier way to package Office 365 ProPlus?

The Office 365 ProPlus Toolkit is a useful addition for administrators.  It can be used quickly to create a package that are ready to deploy.  I'll have more to say on this program but that's all for now.