Office 365 Admin Kit

In my Office 365 admin kit, I have assembled some of the best resources for Office 365 IT Pros and administrators.  Whether it's Office 2016 change management, cloud security, SharePoint or Yammer, it's all here. 

I also have resources more intended for end users.  This includes getting the best out of Office 2016.  Check out my other Office 365 Kit for more.

Read on for eight guides to help manage Office 365.


What is the Office 365 Admin Kit?

I have compiled these resources and brought them together as the Office 365 Admin Kit. These are my picks of the most useful resources I have found helpful in managing Office 365.

Whether you have just begun your Office 365 journey or have been using the platform for years, there should be something here for all IT Pros.

You can download the documents by clicking the link at the top, opening the document on​ 

Change Management for Office 365 Client - Office 2016

This should be you go to document in understanding Office 2016 update channels and the new servicing model. Learn how you can manage Office 2016 at a pace that suits your business.

Office 365 admin learning center

Brand new resource, this will be especially useful for new Office 365 customers.  This will show you how to get the most from Office 365 as an administrator.

Topics include planning for change and understanding service incidents in this snappy presentation.

Reinventing the modern business ecosystem

This will tell you more about Office 365 as a driver for modern IT and collaboration, along with how it can enhance your business.

Office 365 Stakeholder Communication Plan

Details how to form a stakeholder communication plan, so you can keep staff informed of incidents and upcoming changes.

Data Encryption Technologies in Office 365

Covering how your Office 365 data is kept secure, this in-depth technical whitepaper goes into a lot of detail.  Topics covered include encryption of data at rest and advanced encryption with bring your own key (BYOK).

If you looking at compliance issues with data handling, this is the document for you.

SharePoint to the cloud

Microsoft's own migration from on-prem SharePoint Server to SharePoint Online provides some useful guidance for the rest of us.

Yammer for IT Pros

Based on the Microsoft Virtual Academy course of the same name, this is a super resource for Yammer adoption.

Microsoft Cloud Security for Enterprise Architects

One of my favourite Microsoft whitepapers of all time.  This addresses the disconnect between moving to the cloud and how you must adapt your security.  

Adopt an "assume breach" stance and prepare accordingly.  It's all in here!

Office 365 Admin Kit Wrap up

Hopefully you found some of these resources helpful.  I will review and add new resources as I find them.  

Check out my dedicated Office 365 section for ongoing articles and follow me on Twitter if you would like up to the minute Office 365 info.  Also, I have the 'Microsoft IT Pro Bundle' for even more updates, with 31 RSS Microsoft IT Pro feeds available via the awesome Inoreader.