What have you been up to? MS Tech Community, Office 365 Ninjas, TechNet Wiki

Though I haven't written a new post in a while, I have been busy with various projects, here are some of the things I have been up to.  I'll be talking about the Microsoft Tech Community, Office 365 Ninjas and the TechNet Wiki.


Microsoft Tech Community

Starting with the Microsoft Tech Community, which you can visit here - https://techcommunity.microsoft.com. What is the community about? Here is how Microsoft describe it:

​The mission of this online community is to provide a platform for IT Pros, Developers, Office 365 and Azure Users, cloud fans and Microsoft to interact. It is a central destination for education and thought leadership on best practices, product news, live events, and roadmap.

I have been an active member of the Microsoft Tech Community since it's inception.  I was part of the original, Yammer based, Office 365 Network, which was great but it, was not open to the public and was rather limiting.  

Microsoft decided to open up the Office 365 Network and expand it's scope to cover various technologies and the Microsoft Tech Community was born.

Contributing to the Microsoft Tech Community

​I post relatively frequently to the Microsoft Tech Community, especially when I see a question that I think I can help with.  I also post observations about new features that sometimes come out of nowhere and provide feedback as well as my experiences with Office 365, Azure, and Enterprise Mobility. 

The Microsoft Tech Community has ​gamification elements.  The more you contribute, the more it's recognized through badges, rank and tallying of likes and best responses.  While its best not to take to much notice of this, it's not a bad way to motive and highlight an increase in commitment.  

I subscribe to what are called spaces, via RSS, so I can read about new posts alongside my usual content that I read, in Inoreader of course. I have also written a guide about the Microsoft Tech Community, which I'll go into in the TechNet Wiki Section.

Office 365 Ninjas

I have been with Twitter for around a year as @CianAllner, as I got into it more I found I was tweeting a lot about Office 365. I decided to spin the bulk of this off to it's own Twitter account with Office 365 Ninjas.  

Office 365 Ninjas mission is to provide a daily dose of Office 365 useful tips, tricks, lifehacks, best practices and news.

I am building Office 365 Ninjas in steps.  I do some live tweeting but I also automate much of the tweeting with RoundTeam and IFTTT via Inoreader.  I have plans to do more with Office 365 Ninjas.  I'll be looking for some help, with people that love Office 365 and want to get involved.  I'll post about this as soon as I can.

Office 365 Ninjas Resource Center

I come across a lot of useful content, presentations and guides, I collate this on my Docs.com page. I thought it would be neat to better organize the Office 365 material I have into categories or collections as they are called.  I am hosting this in what I am calling the Office 365 Ninjas Resource Center. This is on a separate Docs.com account, which I can brand accordingly.

I'll be doing more with this before I launch it but it's available now if anyone wants to check it out. 

TechNet Wiki​

I have wanted to write for the Microsoft TechNet Wiki for a while.  I have seen a lot of well written articles their and I wondered If I could contribute to it as well, it being a Wiki after all.  After I did my research, there are a lot of rules and particulars you need to follow for Wiki articles and I wanted to try and get it right first time.

My first article turned out to be a bit of a test.  After I tried to rename the article as I was trying to complete it, I got locked out of making any further changes ​and got stuck.  I posted on the TechNet forum asking for help and very quickly got the issue sorted out.  I can tell you the Wiki CMS is throwback, it has many known issues and workarounds.  Its takes a bit of patience working with it.  

My TechNet Wiki Articles

I have now written four articles ​so far and I plan to write more as I go along   Here are my TechNet Wiki articles to date:

Coming up 

There is a lot more that I have coming up, that I'll be writing about as well covering on Twitter:

  • Much more on Docker, it's one of my favorite technologies , I think containers are revolutionary!
  • I want to build a Raspberry Pi Docker cluster
  • Get more experience with Windows Server 2016​
  • Do more regular blogging, I am a huge fan of WordPress and I have been hosting this site on Docker for a year now​, which has been a great experience
  • Make more use of the Thrive Themes plugins, I have access to them all and you can do so much with them
  • Get an Office 365 test environment, so I can try out more features that I can't do in a live environment
  • ​Improve my website, refresh the content more often

I hope that was of interest and please do check me out on Twitter, if that's your sort of thing. Thanks for reading