Inoreader Review – RSS for Power Users

Inoreader is your secret weapon, using RSS get the news before anyone else.  In this review, you will learn about what Inoreader can do for you.

For any professional, being well informed is paramount, it can set you apart and give you the advantage you need.  As an IT Professional, I have many web sites that I need to monitor for developments but it's increasingly difficult with today's pace of change. 


If only there was a way to stay up-to-date with changes as they happen? Always be ahead, informed and the one in the know. Introducing Inoreader - 'the content reader for power users who want to save time'.

Read on for my in-depth review of Inoreader and why I think it's a must have service.


Getting Started with Inoreader

It's easy to get started with Inoreader.  Creating a free account takes just a few moments. Then add feeds from your favourite sites or browse and discovery bundles.  Bundles are ready-made collections of feeds on a particular topic. 


RSS allows you to subscribe to website feeds, which means the news comes to you. You don't have to visit a website anymore just to see if they have posted new content. Most websites have RSS feeds (not this one yet!)

In just a few minutes you could have dozens of feeds and be reading content in a streamlined, clean and simple interface.

Here are the key features of Inoreader

​Discover, share and read the best on the web - Inoreader is not just another RSS reader - it's a vibrant community of content curators.  Discovery mode helps you find the content that matters to you.

Save time with automation - You can now beat information overload once and for all, with Rules, you can automatically tag and organize articles as they come in.

Search and read unlimited subscriptions for FREE - All the news and content you desire are right at your fingertips. Inoreader gives you unlimited subscriptions for free, and powerful search is also free by default.

Never miss an article with a full RSS archive - No limited time archives - all your content is safe for viewing later, so you can access that long forgotten blog post you liked so much whenever you feel like it.

Works with everything -  Great web experience, well maintained mobile apps (iOS, Android & Windows Mobile), as well as handy Firefox and Chrome plug-ins.  Supports Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Google News, Youtube, IFTTT and lots more.

​Using Inoreader

The main view in Inoreader becomes second nature as you start using it. Almost everything is configurable.  In the web browser, the interface has navigation elements on the left-hand side. You can create folders to arrange all your feeds, making it easy to bring related subjects together.  

Inoreader interface

The toolbar at the top of the screen has useful ways of sorting and marking articles, I have expanded them all below. Settings are context aware meaning they change depending on where you are in the interface.

Inoreader toolbar

When you click on an article, the interface falls away to reveal just the content, so you can read it without being distracted.

Inoreader viewing article

There are different views and themes, so you can really make Inoreader your own.  Here is the magazine view and the dark theme for example:

Inoreader with Magazine View and Dark Theme

Your first five minutes with Inoreader

There are no obnoxious signup forms or any extraneous details required to setup an account.  Just an email address and a password for your Inoreader account are all it takes.

Visit ​ and click on 'Create a free account'

Inoreader Create Account

Enter your details:

Inoreader Create Account

Inoreader will ask you to pick three categories to get started which you can skip but it's a great way to get some content immediately.

noreader Getting Started

A quick tour will then run that will get you familiar with the basics in no time. If you follow this tour to the end, you get some useful links including to an extended tour.

That's it, you have setup Inoreader and it probably didn't take more than two or three minutes!

Inoreader Start Page

My take on Inoreader

As you may have guessed already I am a fan of Inoreader.  Previously I used Outlook to read my RSS based news.  Apart from the convenience of having this beside my Inbox, Outlook isn't a great RSS news reader.  I then moved onto RSSOwl, a nifty Java based RSS reader. While this was a step up, it had a knack of corrupting every few months for me.  I knew there had to be a better way.

I wanted an RSS reader that was straightforward, powerful but still simple to use.  I wanted to be able to check-in to my news from anywhere, on any device.  I wanted an easy way to arrange all the content I was collecting and easily get back and find content that had been useful.

The Inoreader starfish logo

Inoreader with very few exceptions ticked all the boxes, I didn't have any reservations about buying the full version after using the trial.  Here is what I really like about the product:

  • A usable free version, where you wont be forced to upgrade for day to day use
  • Not unreasonable pricing to upgrade to the paid version
  • Brings together all the news your interested in, in one place
  • Easy to use and discover new sites and feeds
  • Power user features: tags, rules, customizable dashboards, highlighters, mobile alerts, keyboard shortcuts and more
  • Universal search feature is very good
  • Great mobile apps that received updates regulalrly
  • Inoreader's blog has some great tips and guidance on making the most out of the product
  • You get an email summary of recent stared articles

and just a few dislikes

  • If a feed address changes, you may have to remove the feed entirely and add it again
  • Offline capabilities are okay but could be better 
  • Tags are useful but 'suggested tags' like in Pocket would be even better
  • Some advanced features will take some effort or trial and error to get working
  • The social features may not be to everyone's liking (you can turn them off though) 

Inoreader - More than just an RSS news reader

You can use Inoreader for almost any interest, such as following sport or entertainment news, or keeping up-to-date with the latest on your hobbies. 

The advanced features go so much further and make it almost indispensable.  My rating has to be five stars!  I hope you have got a reasonable understanding of what Inoreader can do and you might even want top try it out for yourself.

I'll be posting more about Inoreader as I start to use more of the advanced features.

If your an IT Professional, why not sign up to my Microsoft IT Pro Inoreader Bundle, it comes with over 30 feeds, which I curate and keep up to date.  It features news about Office 365, Azure, Exchange, Enterprise Mobility and more.