Why I love the Microsoft Tech Community

Are you a member of the Microsoft Tech Community? If not, I am going to tell you why you should consider joining and what you are missing out on otherwise. If you are already a member, I'll share some resources that may be helpful.


What is the Microsoft Tech Community?

The Microsoft Tech Community is still a relatively new community, it grew from the since disbanded Office 365 Network. Rather than a Yammer based network, Microsoft wanted a public forum, easily searchable and discoverable, even for non-members.

The Microsoft Tech community has been picking up steam rapidly, with more communities and improvements to the user interface, layout and features. Rather than just focusing on Office 365, there is also community spaces for Enterprise Mobility, Azure, Windows 10 and Windows Server amongst others. Also, there is strong emphasis on official Blogs which are published on the site, as well as events like Ask Microsoft Anything (AMAs).

Sold already? ​Visit the Microsoft Tech Community here - https://techcommunity.microsoft.com.

Why join the Microsoft Tech Community?

Getting back to why I think people should join, here is a list with some of the highlights:

  • ​It’s a great source of information, whether you follow Microsoft developments closely or not so much, you will pick up a lot of useful, actionable information
  • It not just for techies or developers, there are community spaces like Driving Adoption, Education sector, Public sector and Thought leadership
  • Interact with Microsoft, MVPs and likeminded customers, ask questions, give answers, provide feedback etc.
  • Ask Microsoft Anything events give you an opportunity to discuss questions directly with the respective product teams and get answers immediately
  • If it’s your thing, get recognition for your contributions, with ranks and the occasional competition with prizes, as well as member of the week awards
  • Weekly roundup is published on the site, which provides a great summary of the week's Microsoft news and stuff you may have missed

I think the question is why wouldn’t you join? Signing up is easy, you can then join communities, you can subscribe to conversations that interest you, get a weekly digest and lots more.

If that’s not convinced you to join, ask yourself this – what have you got to lose, even if you don’t think you will post in the forums just by joining now you have given yourself an advantage, with access to information that will give you a head start. Without getting even more over the top, I think that’s reasonable compelling, even if I do say so myself!

Want to know more about the Microsoft Tech Community?

Check out my ‘Getting Started with the Microsoft Tech Community’ guide on the TechNet Wiki. It shows you how to get started, where to go for Office 365 resources and some tips and tricks.

So you love the Microsoft Tech Community then?

I am a big fan, I have been their since the start and I have learned a lot, interacted with people I wouldn't have otherwise.  I think it's just all round awesome and look forward to even more people joining

Thanks for reading.

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Anna Chu - May 24, 2017

Thanks Cian! This post has made my day … my week! Every time I open up the Tech Community I often see you replying and liking posts so thank you for taking the time to engage with us. There are many others like you who are there every day learning and directly conversing with the product teams at Microsoft. These interactions are invaluable for us as we need a direct product feedback loop since products are developing so rapidly. We appreciate your feedback and we aim to make this place a helpful community, and hopefully your #1 source of information on all things Microsoft. We will continue to make improvements on the experience, and you have probably noticed a few small changes as we’ve been working in the background. As we get closer to Microsoft Ignite you’ll see more speakers on the Tech Community, reaching out to see if there is anything you want to specifically learn, request feedback and answer any questions you may have. Even the video you referenced above shows a very different UI and design which only illustrates how far we’ve come. Still have plenty more to do, and it wouldn’t be happening if this community wasn’t full of amazing IT professionals like yourself! Thanks so much Cian!


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