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Technical Debt – What lies beneath

Technical debt is the problem you might not realize you have but it's impacting the effectiveness of your business. It's the stuff that matters, just not enough to do something about straight away. In fact, it can almost indefinitely be put on the back burner.

Sooner or later though issues surface and you will have wished you hadn't let it fester. This is technical debt. I am going to help you recognize it and start doing something about it.

Read on for my in-depth take on technical debt and why it's so important to tackle.

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Office 365 Admin Kit

In my Office 365 admin kit, I have assembled some of the best resources for Office 365 IT Pros and administrators.  Whether it's Office 2016 change management, cloud security, SharePoint or Yammer, it's all here. 

I also have resources more intended for end users.  This includes getting the best out of Office 2016.  Check out my other Office 365 Kit for more.

Read on for eight guides to help manage Office 365.

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